Draw realistic solar systems with any graphics editor


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If you need to make a sketch of the solar system or would like to start creating astronomical images to represent all sorts of stars, SolarCell is a great tool for you.

SolarCell is an extension for drawing or graphic design programs that's fully compatible with any editor that can process Photoshop plugins. Thanks to this, you can use your computer to effortlessly draw stars with incredible realism or, conversely, in a fantastical style.

This software is integrated into your image editor's interface and works like any other add-on. It appears in the options menu and from there you can add features to the star you're creating, such as emphasizing the light trails; highlighting the halo, colors, and size of the ball of fire; or even choosing the sun type you like best (normal or eclipse).

You can also compose the background behind your sun. SolarCell lets you create night skies that you can insert your star into, or include in any of your pictures.

How do you install it? If you have Adobe Photoshop, add it to the Adobe plugins folder by following these steps: enter the folder Adobe > Photoshop > Plugins > Filters, and paste the SolarCell files here. Then just restart the editing program and this filter will appear in the menu. Flaming Pear > SolarCell.

- Graphic design tool.

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